Use for Notability

Is there actually a use for it once you’ve got the Notability 5 professions? I mean you apparently need it for M_____'s B___d and can use it instead of fate to get Favourable Circumstances and can trade it for more stat points if you’ve reached 200, but Favourable circumstances is pretty much the only one I’d potentially get any use out of in the near future that I know about.

You need higher Notability (9, 9 or 10) to upgrade 4-card lodgings to 5-card lodgings (except at Christmas). And you’ll probably need higher Notability for future professions. But right now you only get bragging rights for anything past 9 (where you get 100% chance of success for the unsigned message surprise gifts).

There are a few - you can use it to get a gift or increase your stat dependent on your POSI specification on the An Unsigned Message card; upgrading to 5 card lodgings; trading for prize tokens if you play K&C.

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Do be warned that increasing your stat using Notability Points is not a permanent upgrade. You can lose the extra boost in the Cave of Nadir and then you would only be able to recuperate to the standard max for stats. Quite honestly, It’s not a great deal of help at this stage when everything is mostly straightforward at 200 (with equipment of course).

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The only things I’ve seen that it might be useful to increase stats above 200 for would be increasing Scholar of Correspondence or making an Impossible Therom

My highest stat is currently 131 without gear so I doubt that’s likely to be a big concern soon :P

i would recommend “cashing in” your notability repeatedly to get K&C prize tokens, then use the tokens to get the waxwail knife. it’s probably the least tedious way to get the knife. you could also use the prize tokens to get searing enigmas, but there’s more straight-forward ways to get the enigmas if i remember it right.