Urchins or Revolutionaries?

I think it’s time for me to sell the location of the cave, but I’m torn as to whom I should sell it. I’ve long sympathized with the revolutionaries’ cause. London was stolen, after all, and it seems like the masters should have to pay a price. But the urchins need all the help that they can get, and my years in the London dark have made me more sensitive to the plight of the downtrodden. On the other hand, I’m not above greed, and February is offering a rather attractive reward.[li]

So what do you think: urchins or revolutionaries?

Keep in mind that choosing any faction will mean that you become closest to that faction, regardless of whom you were previously close to.

[/li][li]The only urchins I saw in the Cave were trying to avoid Choir Practice, and while I certainly understand their desire (with the understanding that I married a former Choir member after a trip to Wilmot’s End), I have to believe there’s a better way to do it than to blend into the Nadir. In my opinion, Urchins who descend will be lost, while Revolutionaries … well … they’ll either do something useful or they’ll be lost, and frankly, either fate strikes me as perfectly acceptable.[/li][li]

Hmm. Does anyone suppose that there will be an opportunity in the future to sell the location to another faction? Currently, I have no interest in the current possible buyers. Revolutionaries have never been quite my cup of tea (although the blood does certainly look tempting), and the Great Game simply does not seem like it is going to use the information for any purpose but to sell it on. The other options are simply not profitable for no discernible reason.

While I understand that many factions are not interested in the location of the cave, I certainly think that some would be. The Masters of the Bazaar, is an example, I suspect, of such a faction (and my preferred choice). Likewise, if Hell is interested in something, it’s possible the Church is as well. If I understand Parabola correctly, perhaps the Glass might throw in their own offers. Academically, either college might well have a need for such knowledge for the sakes of studies. However, I am not one of the writers, and thus can only guess to what other factions may have in mind. Certainly would make the story more interesting. One way or another, it would nice to confirm one way or another if such opportunities to sell to other factions will arise in the future, so I can make my final decision of whom to sell the location.

I’d certainly like to see more options become available… but I’m doubting it, at this point. It’s been confirmed that we’ll be able to change allegiance to the other factions, but not that it will be by selling the Cave’s location. (Personally, of the current buyers, I think the Urchins would be most responsible with the secret - and their option seems to give the best lore - but as it stands, I’m not prepared to sell.)