urchin favours?

the storylet to hand in favours to urchins in the flit is suspiciously missing. what is going on? i’m at shadowy 62+6 and i’m currently engaged in a war of assassins.[li]

It’s a card now.

Oh! Thank you. Are all similar storylets being converted to cards now?[li]
edited by weavernaut on 5/19/2013

The card only appears if you draw while in the Flit, btw.

Just the Flit favours one i think

Only the flit one is changed. The rewards are changed as well (Revolutionaries are totally worth it, Urchins are a decent number too)
edited by Aximillio on 5/19/2013

I just got the card (and am still miffed about the change), and I chose the Urchins option. I got 20 Scraps and 98 Ragged Clothing at the cost of my Connected going from 23 to 18.

Yeah, it’s a pretty awesome card, which is why it’ll be days before you see it again

Revolutionaries is 28.8 E worth of proscribed material =)

which is all well and good, surely, but proscribed material won’t get me weird stuff from the relicker

But it gets me an overgoat I can get scraps with =)