Upgrading A Person of Some Importance

I am a Person of Some Importance. Recently, I noticed five new shades of Importance:
• Invisible Eminence, Legendary Mind, Shattering Force, Legendary Charisma — these are all the get-your-stats-to-200 levels, which is something that won’t happen to me any time soon, if ever :S (all my stats are still in the 140 range…)

But how do you get A Paramount Presence? And if this is out of my reach, any tips on raising base stats?

The common theory is that it requires ALL stats at base level of 200. Unfortunately, if it’s possible at this time, I don’t think anyone has discovered it. Or, at least isn’t saying.[li]

On the raising stats front, the best method I’m aware of is sacrificing second chances for a stat increase (which gives a fairly decent boost to the stat associated with the item, which can be as much as a whole stat point even at high levels, and a small boost to one or two others). Though admittedly this was easier when second chances were able to be stockpiled in large numbers.
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I’ve still got stockpiles :D In Watchful, at least. Thank you!

You can still stockpile second chances through means other than social actions or Rubbery Men. Siding with the Church against the Great Game still gives me one second chance of each type, even for the ones above 100, and same thing with giving myself a gift through the Give a gift! card, for which I try to build Hedonist whenever it comes with other rewards (siding with Hell against the Church, Bohemians against the Church, taking my raven to the weasel fights and tell it to not sully the sport with its prophecies). One time I even drank some laudanum for Hedonist +2 CP, but with the laudanum habit card and the Wounds +1 CP, it might be more trouble than it’s worth for those second chances.

As for the common theory that all stats at 200 would open up A Paramount Presence, didn’t someone already report that it didn’t? I’m thinking that the Passion destiny might be a requirement, and/or maxed Influence.

I think that mostly A Paramount Presence probably just overall is not yet available, really. Though I’d be delighted to be proved wrong!

Stats alone are not enough. Maxing out Master Thief and Duellist also don’t appear to unlock. It’s quite possible that there’s some level of Connected: Society or some such, which I tend to consume at my Salon any time it gets above 50, though.

I can confirm it can’t be the last one. See: Nathan Attford.

Just to be sure, are you guys checking such on characters who haven’t already upgraded PoSI to another option?

I can say right away that having all stats at 200 base level does nothing at all. Not that I’ve noticed anyway.
Neither does Notability 15.

So we’re out of luck on that end xD.

My (entirely data-free) assumption is that it’s a combination of factors. So likely stats + notability + other stuff. Hence in part my recent efforts to boost Thief, Duellist, etc. I’d be surprised if a specific Destiny is needed - doesn’t seem to fit - but as I say, no actual data yet.

Might I ask how you can get second chances from Rubbery Men? I haven’t done much with gathering second chances recently and I don’t remember what all gives them. I’m still in the mindset of always having a ton and not paying attention to how to get them, but I haven’t actually had too many in quite a while. Maybe I lost them through seeking… I don’t really remember.

The Rubbery Man who hands out amber gives you a Sudden Insight if you have less than 11. Or two Sudden Insights for the 50% rare result. (A limping figure in a top hat beckons -> Accept a damp gift)

Also, I don’t think a Fearsome Duelist can max out. The descriptor for one level, Feared and Respected, is the same as the one for 32 levels: see Falador.

Falador who?


I don’t know what’s more impressive - his fearsome duellist quality or the 20,000+ scrap!

Either this guy is a hacker or a relicker…

To get to level 32 one would need 528 CP, so with +1 CP per duel against Chi Lan or Feducci, that’s 528 duels. Since one would need Running Battle 13 to duel Chi Lan with a 50% chance to win, that’s 91 CP, which would take 31 Actions to accumulate at +3 CP per action. Accounting for failures that take time to bounce back from, it seems quite possible to gain +2 CP of a Fearsome Duellist every day. If one puts one’s mind to it. And that’s less than a year.

As for the scraps, that’s harder to calculate. It’s taken me over four months to accumulate more than 3200 scraps, but that’s starting from scratch. Let’s just cut off the first month entirely and assume that it takes roughly one month to collect 1000 scraps, and that’s less than two years to collect 20000 scraps. A lot easier to fit in all those duels during that time.

[quote=Nigel Overstreet]http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Fallador[/quote]Thanks! I needed that extra L in there.

You can also grind scraps directly through this storylet here. It’s how I got a pretty decent portion of my scraps.

Ah yes, I forgot about that one.

If it takes me a month to get 1000 scraps through cards that give on average 3 scraps each, that’s 333 actions. Assuming that one manages to use 140 of the 144 possible actions each day, that leaves about 3867 actions to play that storylet. According to the luck challenges data it has a 78% chance of success, which I’ll assume means 75%. So on average it seems to yield 0.75 scraps and 38.75 Surface Currency. So that’d be 2900 scraps in a month, plus 161447 Surface Currency (4843 Echoes). Add the 1000 scraps from cards, and it looks like it would take a little over five months to gather 20000 scraps. Add almost nine months of duelling Chi Lan to that, and that’s 14 months or so to accomplish both of those things. That’s a lot of time and dedication.

EDIT: In the last 25 hours or so I have apparently collected 57 Certifiable Scrap, so without using the storylet it looks like it would take me a little over a year of ‘regular’ 24/7 play to accumulate 20000 scraps. Plenty of time to get some duelling done! ;)
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