Unnatural Exhuberance

I’m sorry, I’m confused. How do you get enough of this to continue? I’m afraid I’m totally lost in the this place. And stuck.

You’re supposed to bring it down to 1, not raise it. You get a bunch of it by beginning your investigations in Polytheme and reduce it by 1 every time you play a storylet other than the ones under “One Might Profit Even in Such a Place”. Once you hit 1, you can spend your Invistigating and/or Fascinating on unlocking reward storylets.

Right now the only option I have is that one that loses me all of my fascinating and investigating. So what do I do know?

The only option I can do i panic and then I start over. Again. It’s getting a bit boring and is really starting to **** me off. Especially since I just renewed my exceptional membership and I can’t do anything.
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Try, try, and try again.

It’s recommended that you grind silk and then use that to gain guaranteed Investigating or Fascinating points. That should usually be enough to unlock the reward options.

Okay. How do you grind silk?

“One Might Profit Even in Such A Place”, third option.

I can steal, watch, charm, and lurk. No grind and all those is get me things.

  1. Grinding is a word that refers to repeatedly pressing the same button again and again and again in order to slowly work your way towards a goal. It’s tedious, but it does produce results. In this context, since you’ll be pressing the button that gives you silk many, many times, you won’t be experiencing any new story, so you’ll be doing it purely for the reward. Technically, if your goal is to generically collect silk then you’re farming, while repeatedly pressing a button to gain a single point towards your next stat (or Progress) increase is grinding. But if your goal is to collect 3,500 silk then you’re grinding because you have a specific target. It’s a goal thing and the two of them are used fairly interchangeably.
  2. Since you seem to be having a lot of trouble with Polythreme in general, I suggest that you look around the forum a little more and read the threads about Polythreme - there’s more than enough information in those to explain everything to you, and you’ll probably find answers to questions that you didn’t know you had.

But what does it accomplish? I’m still not getting anywhere.

Sorry. I’m just more than a little frustrated.

You get to learn about the King with a Hundred Hearts and the “tithe” to London, and get some Memories of Distant Shores for your troubles. There are no unique items or achievements to acquire there.
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Gather silk, then use the “Paying your way” option to trade it for Fascinating or Investigating. Your goal is to have one of those qualities at 12 or above, or both of them at 7 or above, by the time Unnatural Exuberance reaches 1.

You want to lower Unnatural Exuberance to 1 and have enough Investigating or Fascinating to accomplish one of the events.

The best way I’ve found is to grind Silk then trade it at “Paying Your Way” for whichever you’re going for.

Once you get up to where it takes Romantic Notions instead of silk you switch to the Opportunity Cards.

Do the ones that advance whichever one you’re going for. Once Unnatural Exuberance is at 1 you can accomplish the event and learn more about the place.

So I made it to fascinating 10 and am once again stuck. So what? My only options is to panic and start over?

Sorry. This place is a huge waste of time and resources and not very much fun.

Well, it hasn’t been especially profitable for me so far, but I did gain Lore, which is something that I put a very high value on. I freely admit that I’m not fond of Polythreme and that I think that it’s too cute and fluffy, contradicting everything that we’ve previously heard about it. But I don’t think that I’ve wasted my time there, even though I spent day after day there, cycling through pretty much every option available. I did find it useful in gathering certain goods and if you know what you’re doing on the way, the ‘panic’ option is perfectly acceptable. (12 actions on just notions=144 notions. Done intelligently=120 notions, 2 memories of distant shores and 65 maniac’s prayers. An excellent trade-off)

If you’re bribing your way, have you tried the two storylets on the Streets that let you trade one Progress type for another? Focus on one type and then trade in the other type. You ought to be able to hit Progress 12 that way, which is enough to use the Spying or Guidebook storylets. Each of those unlocks a very useful card that if you’re patient can push you all the way to 13. Spare actions should be spent farming, because the goods are going to be useful anyway.

Incidentally, there was an announcement made less than two hours ago that there’s now more to do in Polythreme, including another storyline and the opportunity for a new pet and equipment. You might value those last two as a more concrete reward for your time there.