University Connected qualities

Is it possible to raise Connected: Summerset and Connected: Benthic after finishing the University storyline? The item conversion stories treat it like any of the others (and I’ve recently destroyed my Connected: Summerset while seeking the Name), but I’m hard-pressed to find a way to increase it. I suppose I could use the scholarship item, but surely there’s a more “regular” way?

Yes. Try visiting the University…

If you have been banned from the University, do not fear - it is possible to gain entry again, after going on a scientific expedition.

That way is (temporarily) closed to you if your choices made you Unwelcome at the University, although I believe that choice also makes you lose all your Connected: Summerset and not have any way to get it back until you rectify the situation. Pretty sure even the Scholarship requires you to have 1 in the relevant quality.

You can, however, get Welcome at the University back, which opens up a little storylet that allows (very) slow progress with Connected Benthic and Summerset, although you don’t get to play through the rest of the University content.

Ah, thank you! I didn’t notice that. I’ll be camping out at the University trying to build that up, then. At least it’s something different than the Affair of the Box carousel.