Unique Goals?

So, I’ve seen the odd person have a unique goal, like Nitebrite attempting to get the Heptagoat, Cecil collecting Staveling Cats ETC. i was wondering: Do you have a unique goal, and what is it and why?

Me, I’m still looking for a unique goal myself. i want something easy enough to do but with some meaning behind it. I was thinking either the largest Collection of First Sporing, or after reading about the 6 action Surface Curreny, maybe laret collection of Surface Currrency. Or MAYBE (though I doubt I can accomplish this, and I would not want to ask people for help because I know they might need them for ambitions) largest collection of First City Coins. XD

I collect Wines items, though my collection isn’t all that great yet. So far I have 100k Greyfields 1879, 50k Greyfields 1882, 25k Morelways, 4k Strangling Willow Absinthe, 2k Broken Giant, 103 Cellars of Wine, 14 Airag, 20 Tears of the Bazaar, 1 Master’s Blood, 63 Black Wings Absinthe, and 104 First Sporing. I’m not sure how much I’ll want of the other Wines, but a big goal of mine is to have 11 Master’s Blood.

An alt of mine, Delmar Tramontane, is trying to get 50 of each kind of work the Empress’ Court has to offer. So far he’s in the low 30s for all 6.

I’m not really aiming to have the most of anything, or anything like that. I mean, I like collecting stuff, but I’m not nearly dedicated enough to outdo some of you folks. Mostly, I just like to have all my characters be balanced in their achievements, reflecting their different roles and interests. They’ll all have different POSI specialisations, different career paths, different outfits (with no items in common), different ambitions… well, you get the picture. I think I’d ultimately like to crown them by putting four different rare items on their mantels - Sir Fred has his Impossible Theorem, but I’m not sure what the others would aim for.

Nice goals Sara. I guess getting the most First Sporing goal i had is out the question XD

…Quick question. Do you know if anyone has gone for the other goals I mention? I’m kinda not sure about Surface Currency since it’s good to sell in high qunatities, and while I’d like to have the larfgest First City Coin collection, I have a feeling someone else will have done that alreayd and I don’t think it’s be right ask others for their part in it since they are a big part of Heart’s Desire.
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I’m trying to amass a large amount of first city coins, mainly because of hearts desire but also because I think it’d cool to have the largest collection. Though I doubt 152 is that much…

I have 176, but there are probably more people with more.


My goal seems to be to collect Fluke Cores, irrigo imprisoned in amber, and to eventually have the largest collection of Irrigo related items in the community. So far I’ve collected 25 Diaries of the Dead equivalent to a Fluke Core. I also am working to get several other items such as the Irrigo Goggles, etc.

The Thing is that the few people that have Fluke Cores have only 1 at most… So I’ve almost reached my goal, I guess…

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Unfortunately you can only get one Fluke Core - once you have it the card stops showing up.

I have got two Impossible Theorems and am half way on getting enough searing enigmas for a third. Maybe one day I will get some more.

I am currently at the start of my grind for 118 Vials of Master’s Blood. With the velocipede squad run I anticipate getting between 28 and 35 Broken Giant per day, depending on how often I am able to check in to FL, so a little over 1 Airag’s worth per day. It’s an 8-9 year goal, but I’m sure I’ll still be playing the game then. :) Love Fallen London.

My exceedingly temporary (but no less needful) goal is to finally reciprocate all the holiday cheer I received in Christmas Cards by sending Surprise Packages to everyone who sent said Cards. I ran out of Potential Christmas cards dismally early, and had over 30 friends in need of holiday gifts. I am, months later, finally under 10. I’ve kept a list, you see. And use every Square of Lofty Words I’ve pulled since Christmas to whittle it down further…

I’m attempting to build an Oneiroscope by cleverly arranging one thousand Black Glass Lenses. I’ve already gotten a fifth of that together, but I’m still far from finished.
I’m also trying to get seven Waxwail Knives.

I’ve just been gathering resources in general to prepare for the next time that the Ambitions are updated. I don’t have time to commit fully to my character these days so my progress has been sparse.

My second character’s (Vueoon) goal is to acquire 444,444 Relics of the Fourth City. I’m also planning on getting either 4 or possibly 14 melancholy. I only made Vueoon yesterday but so far I’ve gotten 444 Relics and 1 melancholy so far.

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I want to release a million weasels in Polythreme. I have a long way to go but the thought of Polythreme overrun with weasels appeals greatly.

exploding 1000 &quotlucky&quot weasels in mahagony hall feels like a &quotgood&quot idea too. though there’s no way to keep a record of doing that in-game.

Unique goal - achieved. Over 512 Coruscating Souls.
Hesperidean Cider requires the cash equivalent of 512.
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But those are brilliant souls. Coruscating souls are purple…

Me, I’ve got a secondary character who does nothing but earn beeswax and convert it into phosphorescant beetles, seeing if doing that enough increses your Liberation of Night stat.

Those are Coruscating Souls. The Purple ones are Portfolios of Souls and Brilliant ones are in the row above next to the Amanita Sherry

Also brilliant souls have a green border so you can convert them.

[quote=esrtweet]Unique goal - achieved. Over 512 Coruscating Souls.
Hesperidean Cider requires the cash equivalent of 512.[/quote]Very impressive. May I ask how long that took?
(and are you cashing those in for the Cider?)