Uneven Shadowy, Pre-PoSI

I have to wonder, did I miss some skippable route to vastly improve Shadowy somewhere along the way? All of my &quotA name…&quot stories are currently at 5, and while my Persuasive/Watchful/Dangerous are all hovering around 70, pre-equipment, my Shadowy is a mere 56 - even with my +27 from equipment, that’s not even enough to purchase Inside Information to make the upcoming Heist more reliable. It just seems odd that one of my stats is so much lower than the others when I’ve put similar amounts of time into each…

Possibly being a Pickpocket? It improves your shadowy weekly.[li]

Well, that’s a possibility, but that would mean giving up Hubert, who while somewhat loathsome at times is quite useful around the house. Plus, he brings in a nice bundle of weekly profit… and a weasel, for whatever reason… It just seems odd that such a thing would be necessary, as I’ve never actually had a pay cheque from the “basic” jobs; how much do they actually raise the stat in question?

The training classes only work until level 70, and give 250CP of whatever class you are training.

You can also seek a Patron, who can give you 50 CP (I think) of whatever stat you are training, up to level 100, for each Free Evening that you spend together.


Other than that, just do a lot of things in spite to build it up.
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Which is about 5 levels, if you’re at the right point.

Hm, a Patronage… interesting option.

Thank you for the suggestions!

Leaving it last, I found shadowy by far the hardest quality to raise, mostly because of the lack of an option to grind down your suspicion, after your name reaches a certain level, and by the extra actions necessary to raise your casing. I think the only option is to grind, and accept you’ll be spending some time in Newgate. Once you reach shadowy and can purchase inside information, heists become more or less straightforward. And when you reach 97, there are two new storylets in Flit; failing their options won’t get you suspicion, thus allowing you to grind these final three levels to PoS.

Having said that, I seem to remember that one of the major storylet resolutions (the ones that raise your stats significantly and lower menace) didn’t pop up when it should, but only later. Could it be you’re missing 5-6 points because of that, or is my recollection too hazy from the incessant grinding?

i do seem to recall that there are thing you can do in the flit at about 50 shadowy that don’t raise suspicion on failure, like entertaining a certain king in his court

make sure you do this card whenever it shows up http://fallenlondon.wikia.com/wiki/A_contact_in_the_Great_Game_has_a_tale_for_you

And always pick Everyone deserves a second chance
spend the warning notes on raising shadowy