Unable to draw Opportunity Cards on...

The island where you continue the “Bag a Legend” ambition? I’ve been clicking on my opportunity cards since I’ve gotten there, and it refuses to allow me to draw any cards. I can click on everything else just find, but cards refuse to draw. Is that intentional, or accidental?

If you send a report to ebbugs@failbettergames.com, they’ll send you back out to zee. There seems to be a bug wherein you can get to the convent from the zee if you have the ambition Hunting the Vake, but you can’t actually draw any cards until you get sent to the convent from a bit of new storyline in Fallen London. That particular variable in the story doesn’t get set till then, even though access to the convent island is only dependent on having that ambition.

If you did get sent to the island from town, that’s a whole new bug.

When you head back to the convent, you’ll need 2 cellars of wine, 2 collections of curiosities, 1000 silk scraps, and 2000 dead rats.

Are there actually Opportunity Cards for the convent, though? I assumed it was just one of those locations where you can’t access your deck. The storylets themselves worked fine for me, but I couldn’t draw cards there either.

It’s storylets; but if you don’t have the quest updated, you can’t leave. I misunderstood the OP after being traumatically stuck there myself. blushes Must remember to never post before coffee.
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They told me it was a bug, that you’re not supposed to see the deck of cards at all.