Unable to discard cards while Zailing?

Recently I’ve been doing a decent bit of zailing, and I generally find it to be a fun mechanic. However, as of this morning I found myself oddly unable to discard any of the opportunity cards that I drew while out on the great unterzee.[li]
My memory may just be absolutely dreadful, but as far as I remember I’ve been able to discard them freely during my other trips.

Can anyone tell me If I’ve just gone crazy or if something odd is going on here?[/li][li]
edited by Munk on 3/12/2014

It’s a recent change.

Ah, thanks. 'guess it’s going to be slightly more random, then.

Yes, sadly you can’t discard them. I think the only way to get rid of them is to somehow change your troubled waters. My cards disappeared when I managed to reduce my “Fury of the Unterzee” to “Lashing Waves”.

It makes more sense, I believe. Because now things can actually get dangerous…

Well it worked for me :D I remember choosing among three cards.

&quotLet’s see, utter destruction, utter destruction and Her Majesty’s corvette. Maybe I’ll hail the corvette after unequipping my Pirate Hat.&quot

It depends… Is there any penalty for getting Troubled Waters too high? If not, it is a matter of just using the regular options. It might make the trip longer or least rewarding, but no dangerous at all.


At high Troubled Waters most of the cards make you lose progress/reset it completely. Most of the storylets get locked too.

Checked the cards on the wiki, it seems that at Troubled Waters 11 there is no way to make progress reliably at all (on average you lose progress with any option). If you have a Yacht or a Clipper, then with a 5 card deck you should be able to reliably decrease Troubled Waters. No such luck for Zubmarine people.
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Cool! I did not know regular storylets were locked with high Troubled Waters. My alt (because I have no vessel yet) has always been quite a careful zailor and I am happy that is actually rewarded in game.

[quote=Fhoenix]If you have a Yacht or a Clipper, then with a 5 card deck you should be able to reliably decrease Troubled Waters. No such luck for Zubmarine people.[/quote]And here I had been led to believe that zubmarines were safer from Troubled Waters because they could just submerge. I guess I’ll see if I ever let the zee become furious.

Zubmarine does have some submerge options. But not in the Fury of the Unterzee category.
Actually I made a mistake. Forgot that some cards can be drawn regardless of level. So you should be able to progress. It’s just that all the level specific cards are bad at 11.

Wily Zailor is a good card to save if you’re going for Fury on purpose to get the Plated Seal. Otherwise, even with the new locked-in cards, it seems like having a 4 or 5 card lodging makes zee voyages zafe and having access to the Fleet of Truth through being on a Scientific Expedition also helps a LOT.