So, should we send typos to the sunlesssea address, like the bugs? Perhaps we would do well to keep track of the typos that have been sent in on the forum in any case, to avoid the team getting the same typo report one hundred times. Careful, though: typo reports can be spoilers.
Anyways, in Demeaux Island:

in the storylet &quotA Privateer Encampment&quot, the end of the last sentence reads: &quotpirates who practices contravene the very laws of nature.&quot I believe that should be &quotwhose practices&quot.

What typos have you caught?

[color=#009900]Yes please, send 'em in to that email.[/color]
[color=#009900]We are getting dozens of repeat reports, and we’ll put up a known bugs list after the next patch; but almost no-one ever reads those. :) Too many reports are better than too few! This is where I thank you all again for the quality of the beta testing feedback to date.[/color]

I’d like to caution against people censoring themselves for fear of repeating a known bug. Additional reports are themselves useful data. There will occasionally be responses like “yes, we know, stop reporting this” but many people who do bug triage will say “I have two bugs. One was reported twice, the other thirty times. Lets fix the latter and put the former in the backlog.”

I can’t speak explicitly for Failbetter, and someone has to read and collate reports, but this isn’t entirely obvious from the prospective bug reporter’s view.

Thanks for that perspective, Theus, I will be better at bug reporting.