Two sides of the same coin?

Fallen London is such a beautiful place for me, in my mind’s eye. It’s my Hades for so many reasons and my Elysium for so many others. Of course, it is simply a story but it has made me think about how I would act in The Neath if I was there myself.

So, the question of the day is: How similar are you and your character in terms of personality, preferences and decision making. Perhaps your Neathian is an extension of yourself, perhaps they are an antithesis or your ideal self. Any parallels? Any congruence?

I like to describe Sir Fred as me with a more adventurous lifestyle and a considerably bigger budget. The others are all concept characters, like or unalike me in various different ways, but generally more dissimilar than similar.

Pyro and I have quite different value systems. He was supposed to be my Neathy avatar but as time went by he &quotgrew&quot differently. Anyways, if there are similarities between me and him, I think that would be the love for research and the Universities.

Rudolph is REALLY quite far from me given that I’m using it as an RP account as a half-Rubbery person of indistinct gender.

Passionario is my complete opposite in all respect, a fact for which I am ever thankful. That man is a blight.

Dirae Erinyes is quite dissimilar. They are fearless and I find giving a simple presentation nerve wrecking enough.

My account that shares my nick is not very much like me at all. He’s a social butterfly and a kleptomaniac. He’s adventurous and sees no problem with stealing souls.

I’ve been wanting to start an alt that would be more aligned with my real life personality. But I’ll probably hold that until my main account is at least a PoSI.

Neither of my characters is much like me, since they are pre-existing characters who come from elsewhere (a video game and a comic). That said, Flesh-Stick did somehow end up with my softheartedness, a characteristic that is definitely NOT part of his original portrayal. It was due to character development though, rather than me trying to shoehorn my personality into a character it doesn’t suit, so I think it works all right, especially since I think it’s consistent with his childlike mentality.

Diosthenes is similar to me, but shaped by circumstance. Put me in a normal setting, and you get a normal person who enjoys a bit of gossip and knowing secrets, and playing low-time social intrigue every so often. I imagine if you put me in a world that rewards manipulation and blackmail and knowing horrible things, well, I’d probably be something like that. Both of us like stories - but I like to read about them and sometimes write them, and Diosthenes likes to control them.

Merle is more or less who I’d like to be! Of course, we share various flaws, and while I’d love to not have to look at them one cannot be human without flaws, right?