Two quick questions

Does anyone know an easy way to raise Scholar of the Correspondence past 7 after being kicked out of and readmitted to the University? And does anyone know how I can reduce my Devils connection to zero? I’ve had it hovering around 1 for a long long time now.[li]

You can raise your Scholarship up to 10 with The Correspondence Savages Your Dreams card, which is a fairly common draw whenever you’re at Nightmares 1 or above. It’ll take a little patience, but is also quite profitable (10 Maniac’s Prayers, or 20 on a frequent rare success).

As for the Devils, you can reduce it by 120cp per action by calling in favours in the Forgotten Quarter. That should also leave you with a decent stack of Brass.

If you want to kill devil contacts, fail raiding them in the big one. A success gives a pretty neat amount of stuff, and a failure kills your connection. You get Master Thief as well.

Thanks folks! It was actually The Correspondence Savages Your Dreams card for which I wanted a higher level of scholarship (I wanted to try the advanced social action). You’d think I would have figured out that the non-social action is useful too, but oh well.