Twitter login broken?

I tried to log in to Fallen London today via Twitter and it didn’t work. Initially I thought it was a bug related to the fact that I’m currently using Twitter en Français (I’m trying to learn the language), but it persisted when I switched Twitter to English.

Is this happening for everyone, or just for me?

(And perhaps not tangentially, Twitter announced new API policies today. Which may or may not be related. But I shan’t speculate on that too much; I’ll leave that to Failbetter.)

Not just you. I can’t sign in either
edited by reveurciel on 8/17/2012

Twitter login works for me.

Another weirdness I just created another Fallen London character and managed to sign in using a new Twitter account. Still broken for my original character though.

[color=00ffff]It looks like Twitter have made some changes - we’re looking into it now. If you could submit bug reports to, we’ll keep you informed of progress![/color]


Have submitted bug report to Should I resubmit to ?

[color=00ffff]No, that’s fine - we’ll get the original one.[/color]

This is happening again. Can’t sign in with Twitter.

Not just twitter, I think:

‘Something terrible has happened. Possibly a server has caught fire, or a database flared and guttered like a dying star.’

Not good but I am pleased that it isn’t just me.

I’m getting the same message as dsch.

I had the same problem (and got the same dying star message) when I tried to switch back to Fallen London from Cabinet Noir. But I noticed that my alternate character was open a different browser and had no problems (tho that character didn’t log out last night and hasn’t gone to Cabinet Noir).

So I tried playing with the URL, copying the exact link from the alternate character, and I went to my internet history, chose a Fallen London link from history. One of those two things worked, and I’m back in Fallen London. I’m not going to try my luck to log out again and see, but with some tweaking, you may be able to access things.

For self-tweaking troubleshooters: I am a twitter log-in user. (both main and alt chars.)

For Failbetter, I did submit bug report.

Aaaand it’s back. I’m going to blame this on the Stone Pigs shifting.

I tried with two browsers. Managed to log back in on IE and also on Google Chrome but only after copying the URL from IE and logging out and back in again.

Hi all - we think we’ve fixed this now. Fallen London should be back up shortly.