Turns within Turns - The Labyrinth of Tigers

Dearest friends,

I find myself confused and lost, as though in a red-honey dream. Despite my efforts on the Bishops behalf, and my success at providing him a new, shall I say, hunting companion, I find myself unable to proceed. I have made arrangements withe Masters and continued my experiments, resulting in an owl of a most interesting character, procured a steed of unrivaled power and beauty, ridden in the vanguard of his expedition, and am still unable to enter the Fifth Coil!

Blast and d–n it, what am I missing to bring my progress to 20?

Many thanks,

Dr. Edward Van Roekel, VC, PhD

You can’t. Yet.

I don’t think the Fifth coil is accessible to anyone at this time.

The entrance to the Coil is not marked with the Impossible marker, like the Dilmun Club storyline is. Hence I thought it may be available, if I only had the correct quality. Thank you for your assistance.

Dr. Edward Van Roekel, VC, PhD

Lol, is there a fifth coil? I didn’t even realize XD (I came back to the Second Coil to hunt the Somnolent Hyaena to complete the Neathy Pokémon, and, having nothing to do in the Fourth, I just stayed there)

When you first arrive at the Labyrinth, Mr Inch refers to there being seven coils.

Didn’t remember that ^^