Turncoat Advice

While working on the affair of the box I chose an option that shifted my alliance from Conscience of the Empire to Guardian of the Realm, gaining me the rank of turncoat 1. Then I shifted it back putting me at turncoat 2. Finally, while grinding the same option, I clicked on the wrong choice, putting me at turncoat 4 where I can’t do anything. Is there any way to reduce it or complete the Affair of the Box despite being a turncoat?

edited by Sara Hysaro on 5/20/2015

Within the Traitor’s Feast you should be able to ask forgiveness of either the Masters or the Revolutionaries. To become a Conscience of the Empire again you’ll want to seek forgiveness from the Revolutionaries.

To answer the other part of your question, you CAN still increase your ‘Boxful of Intrigue’ quality with A Turncoat > 3, through challenges that will appear on certain opportunity cards. It’s slow going, admittedly, but if one conceptualizes ones character as A Bit Shady anyhow… ;)

Anything lower than Turncoat 3 have no real effect, so my suggestion is to grind up some Revolutionaries connection and spend that instead of Master connection.

Actually, I’ve somewhat recently discovered that which side you seek forgiveness from sets your Power in Waiting quality. It saves a lot of hassle if you want to be on the opposite side without being a Turncoat, and it makes more sense than the way things used to work. Though this change did end up costing me 5 Fate on the whole I like it.

Counterpoint: what would you spend that Masters connection on, anyway?[/quote]

Hoard them, just like how one sell Flawed Diamonds instead of Magnificent Diamonds, or how one sell Touching Love Stories instead of selling a Sealed Copy of the Crimson Book, or how one sell Cellars of Wine instead of a bottle of Master’s Blood.

In the deepest matters of the Bazaar, look to Hoarding (hard to get stuff). Always.