TtH gives UP

I am assuming this is a bug (and have made a report to Failbetter), but for those who haven’t seen it and might be caught off guard, my Time the Healers today gave 1xUnaccountably Peckish again. I didn’t catch it in time myself to not waste one draw on a Seeking card, so I warn y’all so you can get rid of it before you start drawing after your own Time the Healers!

I should clarify that both characters had 0 UP when TtH hit- I know that you get another point if you already had any. :)

This was a bug when SMEN first came back. I don’t think it’s a bug this time though–if it is, it’s one hell of a coincidence that people started being hit with it right as Hallowmas began.

Given that FBG has been making various changes to the site code, I’d be surprised if it was intended.

Time the Healer has just HAD it.

Bug has been caught and rectified. One of my characters got Time earlier today and didn’t get any UP. The one whose Time arrived yesterday did get UP.

It’s not the only one, I gave up as well a long time ago.

I got a response from support that there was a bug where in rare circumstance TtH would give UP even if yours started at 0. It’s been fixed now.