Trying to Advance Shadowy

I’m at 39 Shadowy (46-51 on other Attributes) and having trouble figuring out how to progress. The next progression quest I see requires me to accumulate 1000 Jade. Should I be trying to gain this Jade somewhere in particular? Or if it would be better to grind stats where should I try doing so? I feel like I am overleveled for most options available in Spite but underleveled for the Flit. Or would it be better to just buy the Jade in the Bazaar to unlock a more useful area to grind?
edited by malbogio on 5/5/2016

I don’t recommend to buy Jade (and other common items) at the Bazaar.

You’ll find several options in Spite which provide Jade: almost anything under Working for the Widow, for example.

What’s your &quotA Name Whispered in Darkness&quot level?

I am at level 3 A Name Whispered in Darkness.

I am unable to Work with the Widow because I am not connected to her and cannot figure out how to increase my connection. I saw her cards mentioned jewels but when I tried to act there I lost all my connection to the Widow and haven’t been able to figure out how to regain it.

Bringing in Smuggled Tea is an option in there that doesn’t need connected, but gives it and Jade. Just make sure your Airs of London is less than 67. (Play any other option that checks it until you get it down)

Go to carnival and you can find an option to increase your connected widow to 10, after that you can use the options in Spite

Thanks for the help everyone. Doing Carnival into Widow and it’s working great.