A curious message: You have trithed Enigmas to (player). Did they defeat you? Or was that what you wanted? You’ve lost 3 x Searing Enigma (new total 2). You’ve lost a quality: Reputation: Abomination. Fortunately I’d been hoping for another way to lose my reputation as an abomination since giving up a certain search. But what in the Neath is a trithe? Has anyone else given or received one?

On the Restitution card, a pair of new options have shown up; Hithe and Trithe

Both require a point of Abominable Rep; Hithing requires 7 Searing Enigmas and 100 Dangerous, Trithing requires 3 Hard-earned lessons, 150 Dangerous and 3 Searing Enigmas. You need at least one point of Reputation: Abomination to do either of them.
It’s… some sort of challenge. Dangerous, I think. The loser loses 7 Enigmas in Hithing and 3 Enigmas in Trithing. Hithing gives the sender the advantage, Trithing gives no advantage to either party. The winner gets the Enigmas the other lost. Also, the sender loses 2-3 points of dangerous if Hithing and 1-2 points if Trithing.
Both decrease Reputation: Abomination. Hithing also gives both parties a terrifying amount of menace (about 7-10CP in all four).

It’s a new option on the Restitution card. The mechanics are somewhat complicated; you can read a discussion and explanation of them in the main SMEN thread.[li]

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In fairness I did just straight up copy my own explanation from the SMEN thread :V

Interesting. Seeking the Name has gotten even more twists and turns since I quit.