Trip to london and germany.

So next Friday my father and I are flying to Britain. Were staying in London for about three days and then were going over to Germany for three days. I was wondering if anybody here had any suggestions on what to do and where to go for fun? You know besides try to visit the Failbetter Games office. =p Any suggestions?

Where will you be staying in Germany?

I’m not sure my dad says that its next to were he was stationed at in the eighties. I think it might be Tempelhof I asked for itinerary but he seemed very adamant about not telling me where we were going. I’m not sure. -_-
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Well, that sounds like your dad already has it all planned and you won’t have much of a say in it anyway ;)

Bah that’s what he thinks. I’m half tempted to just run away and become a vagabond. Maybe try the Fallen London route. From ruffian to riches sort of thing.