Tribute to the Tigers: Marvels!

I don’t use twitter and many more don’t, so I take the liberty of reposting Alexis’s reaction here, since the gifts are worth looking at!

As one who doesn’t use Twitter either, warmly thank you!

. . . the Rat of Glory was actual beeswax, right? Not actually edible?

I absolutely love the “Tiger Brand Enigmatic Mixed Fruit Preserve”!! So awesome!

And that sextant must’ve been expensive!

the limits of edibility are defined only by the strength of the human tooth; and democracy is inescapable

The sextant is marvelous. I was in the Navy IRL, I have a deep fondness for the classic instruments of navigation.

&quotWill it blend?&quot
There, I have expanded your definition. Go devour the world, child!

they give them away freely at the carnival

right there, in the sex tent[li]
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The labels on both box and jar looks gorgeous. What is inside?

If you are wondering who gave the not pictured gift of befuddlement, it was me Dio*!

*not actually Dio.

I wonder if he removed the rat-assassin before eating.

Gigantic images, generic template included.