Travelogue[spoilers within]

Blackmail, an inauspicious way to begin a Voyage of Discovery. No matter, the servant at last recognizes me as his superior and sets the wheels in motion.

The Dilmun Club, a group of disparate and perhaps desperate, individuals seeking immortality. I doubt they will find it, but accept their patronage anyways.

Hunter’s Keep, not, strictly speaking on my list of godforsaken places to visit, but something draws me nonetheless. Three Sisters or perhaps something else. Are they the keepers or the kept I wonder? A tale of lost love or a lover lost, a Goat and a silver pen. Is any of it true or is all of it true. Their mysteries I leave for another day and depart while under a watchful gaze.

A stricken vessel on the Unterzee… how lovely to see… to rob… to pillage… to…

Is that a Royal vessel on the horizon? Time to move on.

Corpsecage, perhaps friends of mine once visited here, though I remain doubtful any were willing. A Rubbery Friend had mentioned this place as being excellent in the gathering of “Vital Essences”. I see no essences, but many manacles set beneath the high tide line…

Perhaps I had best remember this the next time I pay my Squid-like friends a visit.

Bullbone, even I can feel the spiritual energy of this place. Are the Mandrakes here responsible or are they merely messengers for those who have gone on? Such questions do not come easily to one of my inclinations. I leave as soon as the ink dries.

A Sea that speaks a land that groans, with Grunting Fen itself protesting my investigations. Is it that the inanimate is given voice or are the animate only now being allowed to hear them? The secret of consciousness is here I am sure, but I doubt I will be the one to unravel it.

Already weary from my journeys I arrive at Polythreme. Perhaps it is the crate I’ve injured that does me in. I depart on a passing Steamer and have another captain pilot my ship home. The mysteries of this place shall have to wait, I have a far more wholesome city to return to.

I return from my voyage of discovery only to find myself in chains. My crimes on the high seas have not gone unnoticed. Still I have faith that I will once more find my out of this dank cell, free once more to pursue what I will.

Should have brought something along to do your laundry before going ashore, eh?

The heaviest, strongest of chains cannot bind your own free thought. Alas, they could actually hinder your free strolling in town. I wish you Casanova’s luck!