Trade First-City Coins for Surprise Packages!

I propose an exchange: one set of 30 First-City Coins for one surprise package via the &quotgive a gift!&quot opportunity card. Instead of selling 30 coins for £7.50, take a chance on a bundle of oddities which can often be worth £10 or more!

Send me the coins, and I shall keep a queue in this thread of users who are owed a surprise package from me, and work on the queue whenever I draw the gift card. If the queue grows to more than a few players, I may use some Fate to repeatedly draw the gift card and clear the queue. Others who seek First-City Coins may post in this thread to make their own queues, and those who have large quantities of First-City Coins may also post to advertise their supply. Be sure to update your posts as soon as you send or receive coins or packages, to avoid misdirected gifts.

Current status: I owe Noah Rache 2 surprise packages.
edited by Anchovies on 10/6/2017