Tower of the Sun and Moon

I finally got enough Ancient Mysteries to be able to get a room to the Bethlehem, but I can’t get the card to pop, despite it popping at least once a day every day until I got the Mysteries. Are there any known places where the card is more likely to pop?

Nope. Opportunity cards can take quite a while to show up when you actually want them. Just hang in there and it’ll show up eventually.

And a tip for next time: If you know you’re going to need a card, even if you’re a good ways from acquiring what you need to use it, just keep it in your “hand”. You can still fill the other slots from your deck to take advantage of other Opportunities if you like. Then you don’t have to wait for it to pop up again.

Another way your hand can help is to keep common, but useless, cards in your hand so they don’t pop up again and again.

I’m in the same spot right now. Last time the card came up I still had a ways to go, so I didn’t save it, but since I have been able to afford it the lodgings card hasn’t appeared. All of my activities right now are stuck waiting on one opportunity card or another.

Sadly this is all I use my hand for. I feel as if I’m wasting it, but some cards are just so frustratingly common… I would love to hire a doorman or something to see off some of the more repetitive petitioners.

Something that hasn’t been suggested yet is to try to finish off some of the opportunity story cards you are almost certainly getting. Once you complete a card story, either by having to go to a specific location to continue the story, by not having a high enough level for the next card in the series, or by actually finishing the story, it will shrink the pool of possible cards and make drawing the hotel card a bit easier. Personally I’ve found that nothing increases your odds of getting a red result in roulette quite like a can of properly applied red paint.

Is the name of the card you’re looking for the same as the title of this thread?

If it isn’t its close. Its the royal Bethlehem Hotel card. Finally had it pop last night, got my room, and its popped up twice since -_- Its like the Dark Lady is taunting me

The Dark Lady is not taunting you. She is just saying ‘hello’. The Dark Lady does have some manners after all.

Besides, my understanding is that getting a top tier lodging card after you have the lodging is a good source of certifiable scraps, so it’s hardly a bad thing to get the card again.

Since I’m an ally of the devils and their… “trade”, I’m using the appearances of the card to gather souls towards a second top-tier room in the Embassy