Tournament of Lillies

I’ve reached stage four of the tournament of lilies (a contest of mysteries) and there’s no one to compete with. It’s been like this for weeks and whenever I click suggest a contact it says that there are no qualifying players. Is this really possible with Fallen London’s thousands of players or is there a bug here?

I’m also getting the suggested contact thing for a contest of blood, so maybe it was something knocked out by the app?

That being said, you might be able to find someone here.

Edit: just got to contest of mysteries, and I have about ten people on my list. (Also its probably a bad idea to challenge me because my plant is maxed out)
edited by suinicide on 5/30/2016

They have to be a contact for them to show up- it doesn’t search the entire community, just the ones on your contact list- so if no one you’ve interacted with is at that stage, you aren’t going to find anyone- even if there’s some edge-community group that has 500 people there but not in your contacts.

I don’t think thats how the suggest a contact works, I just tested it several times, and none of the names were in my contact list.

(Though for the tournament of plants, and a few other ones, there are apparently no qualifying players(But I think for the others there actually were no qualifying players))
edited by suinicide on 5/30/2016

I’m referring to the suggest a contact button corrosponding to the add a new contact slot. suinicide is correct here, this should search the entire community and usually does.

It never seemed to work for Knife and Candle, either.

Oh. I wasn’t aware that existed.