Tormentors with Benefits

I understand that there’s no way to make the devils go away entirely short of selling my soul, which I don’t want to do; I get that. But has anyone determined if there’s a specific, safe level I can raise these qualities to where there are the least number of opportunity cards?

On a side note, I don’t enjoy this mechanic. I realized the other day that my entire reason for playing the game right now is to minimize the effects of this storyline: it’s the main reason I worked towards a 4-card hand, and am now working towards a 5-card one. Every time I log in, these two miserable monsters stare at me from the top of the screen, and I die a little inside.

Um, if you really really want to get rid of them you might consider playing SMEN up to the part where you stain your soul - I think a single stain is enough to be forever left alone by devils and devilesses alike!

I wish you could send Mr. Devil my way. I miss him so much :P

The level with the fewest cards is level 0. If you can keep your Connected: Hell below 3 you can’t draw the card beginning the storyline in the first place. If you are inclined to poor choices, you can also Seek the Name - a Stain on your Soul will prevent the beginning card from showing up at all, and the highest-level cards have options for those with stained souls to lose the quality.

Outside of that, as far as I can tell the fewest cards possible is two cards with level 15. The only two cards remaining at that point are for each of the two devils asking for your soul. It’s possible to reach that level without risking selling it.

You could always choose the options on those cards that cause “An Intimate of Devils” to go down, so that eventually you’ll only see the card that initiates the storyline.

I hear you though. There are a bunch of cards I feel this way about. (I actually cut off the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer and by gum was it worth it.)

My main account never dove into this story line and gets pretty minimal interaction from the devils. I think if you keep rejecting them you can reduce &quotAn Intimate of Devils&quot to the point where they mostly leave you alone. I haven’t done this myself but looking at the wiki it appears that it’s possible to get the value down to 1 through this method at which point the only unlocked card locks with A Name Signed with a Flourish 4. It might take a while (and some of the cards seem to increase Intimate on the rejection so watch out) but it should clean up your deck while keeping your soul in tact.

All that said, my alt, which opened the gate not that long ago, brought the story line to it’s conclusion and the most efficient route really is to just let them take your soul. If you aren’t Seeking you don’t really need it anyway and you can always get it back later (although if you don’t spend fate it could take a while). As an added bonus, the cheaper upgrade to the 5 card Brass Embassy lodging that appears after Christmas requires you to be soulless so you could kill two birds with one stone.

I tried getting it down lower - and even zeroed out my connected: Hell on purpose in the attempt - but as noted, a lot of rejection cards actually increase it. I think I’ll try for 15, see if that makes it more livable, and maybe bite the bullet and sell out towards the holiday.

Thanks for the suggestions all!

P.S.: Failbetter, if you’re reading and want some cash, make a fate-locked solution to these two - preferably ending in their untimely destruction - and I’ll click it so fast I might trip ddos protection.

It’s definitely possible to lower your Intimate of Devils quality down to 0 buy rejecting then on the right cards. Check the wiki as to which exact cards, so you don’t raise it by accident.

I’ve done this myself a few months back after purposely raising the quality to 10 so that I can get the Quiet Deviless as a companion, and then dropping the quality again to get rid of the associated cards.

(As it turns out, you can raise Intimate of Devils if you really want to, even with a stained soul, though it’s tricky. It requires getting 3 rare successes on a certain card during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose, before unlocking the relevant cards which don’t care about the state of your soul).