To find a Ratwork Velocipede...

I’ve seen people riding high on these things… and I just gotta have one! It can barely be compared to this ratty old thing I’ve been pedaling around on lately. Problem is, I have no idea where to buy one. It is fate-locked, that much I know, so the Wiki is no help whatsoever. Beyond that, all I’ve picked up are some vague hints that it’s connected to being on the Velocipede Squad (which I am), and perhaps it’s got something to do with that 20-fate locked ‘Secrets of the Velocipede Squad’ storylet… but that’s all.

Well, discussing fate-locked matters is always questionable, but I’d appreciate it if someone could send me some directions. I’m looking forwards to experiencing the surrounding story myself, I just want to know which way to walk… or pedal, as it were.

Speak to The Clay Coleman of Watchmaker’s Hill. He raises questions about the Velocipede Squad few would dare ask.

If you need to know where he works today, ask the local gossip at your lodgings.

For more information, seek here.
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Ahh… as I suspected. Now, I know for sure. Time to find out what’s really making those wheels spin…

A quick question as I to am interested in getting a Ratwork Velocipede. Do I have to pay for both the “A closer look at the Velocospeede Squad” and “Out of the public view” to complete the stories needed for one? Or can I complete the related stories with just one? (I ask because the amount of Fate I can spend is quite finite currently)

They’re basically the same option. Picking one will lock out the other, so you only need to spend 20 Fate to get a Ratwork Velocipede.

I just got mine, and… well, I feel silly for asking so many questions, basically. :P I’d expected it to be some kind of side-deal to the Velocipede Squad investigation, maybe a possible reward that depended on choices. But nope, you basically just get it as a bonus if you decide to unlock the 20-fate story. Frankly, considering how superior it is to every other possible method of transportation, I’d say that it’s practically worth the 20 fate all by itself! A steal, any way you look at it…

Apologies for dredging up an old thread - this seems to be the most relevant one.

Can this story be done if you’ve completed the original one and already have a velocipede? Doesn’t seem that way.

The Velocipede from the Side-streets and the Ratwork Velocipede from the Squad are not related at all and you can have both at the same time. You get the Ratwork Velocipede the moment you purchase the Fate continuation, and from there you progress by playing through the carousel and playing the new options. If you’ve already done all that, there’s no way to reset the story as far as I can tell.