Tips for using a mood

Now that my stats are fairly high, I’m not sure what to use a mood for. There’s nothing really that I’m rushing to complete and almost every action is at least a modest challenge with stat enhancing gear. My stats are W 132+35 S133+38 D117+32 P198+40. I’ve completed the Labyrinth of Tigers, Wilmot’s End, most of the Court (before the reset) and some Mahogany Hall (finished the wars of illusion, and finding the rest a bit boring) and the University (just starting on my new department),

Any suggestions? The card has been sitting in my hand for a couple of weeks and I’m tired of it already, but not willing to discard it since it’s so rare. And sorry if it comes across as humble brag - certainly not meaning that.

Moods are best used for easily-repeatable actions that are very difficult but profitable or have rewards scaling with stats. For example Watchful moods are often used for making Searing Enigmas at the University or for increasing Scholar of the Correspondence there, as each additional level requires ten more watchful.

I tend to save it for actions which require significant amounts of a stat, or have less than 50% chance of success. For example, when I was working on an Impossible Theorem at the university, every little bit helps. (Just be sure to equip it once you have the thing! I’ve failed that step a few times in the past.)

Thank you both! Yes, I’d read about that searing enigma/impossible theorem grind.

And Kittenpox - yes yes YES (GAH!!!) about forgetting to equip it. Haha!

I was exploded - twice - while attempting it. Reattaching one’s own limbs is important, but overrated.