Time, the Healer

I’ve always been under the impression that Time will halve your making waves level each week. However, when Time came this week, it appears that my making waves went from 14 to 6. Is this a bug, a recent change, or has it always been like this?

Has anyone recently accepted requests to Loiter Suspiciously? That is the most likely thing I can think of which may have brought down your MW.
If it happened just before TtH, it could have brought your MW from 14 to the top end of 13, which is then halved (and rounded down) to 6.

Those Making Waves should be easy enough to recover, but hopefully someone else has better advice on this one. :-)

Additionally, if:

a) An acquaintance abandon you
b) Your Patron withdrew their patronage
c) Your Protege reject you
d) Your sweetheart broke up with you

You will suffer a loss of Making Waves and Confident Smiles automatically.