Time the Healer Missing

I normally get time the healer on Wednesdays at noon or so. It’s now Friday morning at 8 AM and still nothing. Is this happening for anyone else?

Mine moved by six or seven hours, as did several other people’s when the app was first launched. This sounds excessive, and dropping a like to support would be a good idea. (There was a bit of trouble on Wednesday evening London time, so who knows what ramifications there were.)

Well in any case as of 11:50 AM Friday It did finally show up so problem solved I guess? Thanks.

I don’t know the exact time of TTH for me but he came for my main character early Tuesday morning and for my alt Wednesday afternoon (local time for me), which is the usual time of day for each, so I have observed no significant problem.
edited by cathyr19355 on 6/3/2016