Time, the healer brings its... changes?

Today my Time, the healer, said that Making Waves was &quotdropping&quot, but didn’t halve it as usual. Is this connected to The Lady in Lilac card now requiring 1 x Key of Seasons: Feast of the Rose? So that people who get Making Waves from Masquing will have at least a week to make use of those waves? And next week Time will go back to halving Making Waves?

I also noticed the message at the end, regarding Direful Reflections: Direful Reflection remains unchanged, at 3. Are they at risk? Should I sell them before Time eats them? Has anyone lost any this week? Has anyone gained any? Might they grow within our minds in their quest to take over our bodies?

I remained unchanged at 1 Direful Reflection. And seem to have gained Making Waves instead of losing them. (I think I gained MW 26->28 for 4 Masquing, but am not positive.)
edited by Mordaine Barimen on 4/12/2014

My Connoisseur of Neathy Delights quality also went down instead of up. No change in Direful Reflections.

My alt lost his only pail of ‘snow’ and gained three new Direful Reflections, up from his previous total of exactly zero. Meanwhile, I lost no pails since I made sure to use them all, and my own reflections remained unchanged at three.

If there’s a connection I’ll know more in about three days when time comes for another alt with more pails, but I imagine it’ll already be figured out by then.

My alt, Mari, had this tacked on to their Time, the Healer message:

‘Day by day, the fog lifts, the hypomnesic radiations dissipate.’

Went on to tell me that they now had Fleeting Recollections. Which is a little strange since, to my understanding, that means it has something to do with Irrigo and my character certainly dose not have that. Probably will report this as a bug soon to be on the safe side.

You get Fleeting Recollections regardless of irrigo, I believe. You just don’t have any use for them until you unlock the Nadir (but they cap at 1)

I don’t believe that’s the case if I understand what you’re saying here. Another alt of mine was visited by Time and has no Fleeting Collections. My main account is going to be visited by Time tomorrow – to my dismay because I want Nobility 5 so badly but this bloody visit is taking forever to occur – and I’ll see if what you said is the case or not!

Still. Fleeting Recollections is a nice little tidbit of information and rather fits in with Mari’s history and background.
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With all my masquing turned to waves, I made notability 6! Go me!

My main account and another alt was visited by Time!

Helen lost all her Masquing and it was increased to 12. My one Direful Reflection remains unchanged.

Andrea lost all her Masquing and it increased to 5. Nothing else happened besides that.

Neither of them got Fleeting Recollections however. Aren’t you an odd duck, Mari.

I didn’t get my Making Waves halved, strangely. I don’t have any Masquing, having exchanged them all for Kisses and no visit from Lilac

I lost over 20 masquing and my making waves didn’t go up or down, it stayed the same at 18. Direful reflections stayed the same at 1. I had no pails of snow to lose.

I lost ~17/18 masquing, MW went up to 11, not sure from what.

OK, I had no Masquing whatsoever (I cashed it all for Stolen Kisses), my Time the Healer message lowered my Making Waves but not halved it - it took it from 8 and something to 8.1, so 7 CPs at most. It seems like Masquing or no Masquing, this TtH was much milder than usual.