Time the Healer affects Direful Reflections?

I got Time the Healer recently, and, for the first time I can remember, it mentioned my Direful Reflections. It says the number I had remained unchanged, but now I’m worrying that they might start vanishing on me.

Has anyone received a similar message? Has anyone lost Direful Reflections? And do they know why?
edited by ancusohm on 2/4/2015

I got the message - I think it had something to do with Pails of Snow, if you had any you would have received a Direful Reflection. I might be wrong though :)

I found that Time The Healer had made a mention of my Direful Reflection count when it came around yesterday, but had not done so in any of the preceding weeks. I think this is recently implemented. The only options that use Direful Reflection are impossible or fate-locked, and the Reflections themselves can quite handily be acquired by repenting at a Shrine Of Saint Joshua, though this may have changed.
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Lady ciel is correct. When pails of snow melt they give you direful reflections. Last year each pail gave you 3, I think

This time I got one direful reflection for one remaining pail of snow.

Last year Time, the Healer also gave the same message on direful reflections - just on the week when they melted.

Just one? I’m glad I decided to sell my spare pail when the opportunity presented itself.

Yeah, it’s just one this year. My partner’s character had a spare pail that melted into one direful reflection.