ticket to see the Seventh Letter

Let me know if you would like to go here or in a PM via the forum and I will send an invite straight to you. (Forgive me if a thread about Seventh Letter invites exists already. I could not find one.)[li]
edited by Ria on 6/16/2014

There’s one for the neath’s mysteries in general at http://community.failbettergames.com/topic1953-the-neaths-mysteries.aspx. Either way, I can always accept.

Thank you for the link. Apart from my reply on the forum coming out garbled (maybe the server had a hiccup), a message came back saying I could not invite you. Perhaps you can’t see the play more than once?


Ah, forgot I was at zee >.< Some other time perhaps?

[Card: The Neath’s Mysteries
Line: Seeing through the eyes of Icarus
Offering: 1 ticket to see The Seventh Letter]

Through the crowded, smoky atmosphere of the Singing Mandrake, you spot the last available chair. A bleak woman is already leaning on the neighbouring table, fidgeting two scraps of paper. Her attire is tidy but threadbare; and grey hair and wrinkles speak of a youth long past. When you sit next to her, she raises on eyebrow, and after a few minutes of frowning and stiff silence, she finally blurts out:
‘‘Oh, well. Might as well be with you. Noone could come. Would you be interested in seeing The Seventh Letter? A performance of sorts, I’ve been told it’s worth the while. Starts in half an hour. I’ve been given two tickets, and though I’ve got a great deal of other matters to attend right now, not going would be a waste of money already spent. So? What’s your answer? … By the way, you may call me Miss Anemone.’’