Throat-Singing Manatee

Over on the IRC, we’ve been discussing Fallen London, as we tend to do on the #FallenLondon channel, when we realized that there is one thing that is not present in Fallen London that very much needs to be. A Throat-Singing Manatee. Now, we aren’t sure whether this Throat-Singing Manatee would be an acquaintance, a pet, a constant companion, or something else, but it is of the utmost necessity that it exist, for- err… The health of the game! Yes, it is necessary for the health of the game.[li]
To conclude, a poem written by our very own Nathanael S. Wells in honor of this auspicious occasion:
[color=#ffffff]Oh manatee, oh manatee, blessing to all humanity,
Keeper of Fourth City tradition, marine patron of erudition,
When Neath and mirror-world the same, lick at my troubled mind like flame
The only thing that mends my sanity, is your lovely song, oh manatee! [/color][/li][li]
[/li][li]Now, after reading that beautiful poem, I’m sure that you can see the need, just as much as I do, to bring Manatees of the Throat-Singing variety to Fallen London.[/li][li]
edited by Zephyr15 on 1/5/2014

Clearly this is an oversight. My Plated Seal could certainly use a better class of company, at the moment its picking up some TERRIBLE table manners from the Scuttering Squad.

I refuse to be known as the bard of the mushroom, for I am the bard of the manatee.

Would make a lovely target for a hunt at any rate, plenty of eager buyers it seems…