Thoughts on Exceptional Friendship

I have been considering signing up - I’ve been playing for three months, and while one can never tell if they’ll be around long enough to become the proprietor of a flask of cider, I am interested in reading everything I can of the game - which suggests I’ll be around for a long, long time.

I’ve put it off, partially because I’m in jobhunting IRL and partially because some of the Fate prompts for achieving PoSI status were NOT to my taste. The idea of buying recognition on Watchmaker’s Hill struck me as cowardly, and even making the job easier with other benefits felt like a cop-out. My jailbird started with rags and shackles, and I wanted his turning the corner to be entirely on his own merits.

Now that he’s got most of his non-Fate locked secondary items of choice, double-digit BDR with most subsequent BDR gains requiring a focus on Echoes, he has begun counting the days, and even is slightly Notable, it doesn’t feel wrong for him to contribute to the welfare of the Neath and be seen as a friend. He hasn’t left London, but that’s for RP reasons - his goals are very close to home, as are his enemies.

Is there anything people wish they knew BEFORE they took the plunge and became a Friend?
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edited by Gerald Edgerton on 7/22/2015

I’ve been playing for slightly more than three months, but that gives me the opposite idea: why sign when there is still so much unexplored content? Maybe one day when I have turned every stone and bored and out of new stories.

I’ve been playing for about 12 months at the moment, and am on my first month of Exceptional Friendship.
What I find it useful for is, even if you don’t intend to complete them immediately, starting the Monthly stories so you can come back to them later without a Fate purchase; but more importantly the increased action pool means I have larger gaps between when I play.
When I wake up in the morning I have 40 actions to play with rather than 20, and because the Opportunity Deck increases to 10 from 6, even on days when I have nothing to do I can wait an hour and a half before checking the game (rather than an hour) while missing out on nothing.
That, plus after several months of playing, I wanted to give something back.

I dithered over this one for a couple months before making the purchase. But while the monthly stories intrigued me (and July’s story was amazing), it was the bonus actions that I’ve found most helpful.

Ultimately, this choice is your own to make. Do whatever’s going to be best for you. :-)

Kittenpox, since you’ve started opening that Box of Mystery could you please lift its lid further (but just a crack) - how big are monthly stories?

I’ve been an Exceptional Friend since action candles went from 10 to 20 actions. The new changes with the increased opportunity deck and monthly stories are also very nice.

The stories so far have been interesting and in some cases potentially profitable and as, so far, they haven’t used stats are great for everyone from the Newest Arrival to stat capped players. They aren’t that long so you can probably play through them in a day or so.

[spoiler] As for the House of Chimes itself - You don’t need to choose any of the options to gain access straightaway as you get access to the EF story without doing so. There are a lot of possible choices and the longer you have been playing the better the chance that you can choose one that appeals to your character. Though as far as I know none of them make any difference to what you see in the House. It costs 30 fate to reset.

Other things I wouldn’t speak to a Devil and there are a couple of stories that need you to have played other content but there is no hurry to play through them. [/spoiler]

Lady Ciel. You look and sound cute. Hence I announce that I’ll send you a little something in the game. Be prepared! Or better still - be unprepared!


And thank you for the courtesy of unveiling the general secrets of Exceptional Friendship. I shall think about it.

This might be a wee bit unfortunately worded. I think you meant her avatar looks cute, and you are sending her a surprise package ingame?

Because the alternative is something right out of a slasher movie.;)

Don’t worry - I got a nice selection of wine. Nothing too terrible … but I must admit I have never been called cute before :)

I must admit to being a bit surprised by all the thumbs down that message got though … maybe I am missing something that other people find offensive.

[quote=lady ciel ]Don’t worry - I got a nice selection of wine. Nothing too terrible … but I must admit I have never been called cute before :)

I must admit to being a bit surprised by all the thumbs down that message got though … maybe I am missing something that other people find offensive.[/quote]

I am surprised too, especially because no one bothered to make a quip about slasher movies despite being bothered enough to give thumbs down.

(You should lock all the doors and windows before getting drunk just in case)

If someone wants to break into the Royal Beth; get past the menagerie and take on a Vake Hunter … they deserve all they get :)

I also thought the thumbs-down were a bit much. I can see how a person reading the comment might have inferred a flirtatious tone, although I’m as certain as reasonably possible that HL’s intentions were friendly and respectful. If sending a female-named player with an adorable rodent avatar a modest gift of in-game items is wrong, then I’m uninterested in hearing about right.

Online communication is a tricky space, though. Thank you, HL, for your prompt response. I think I’ll take the plunge in the next few weeks sometime.
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Eh. Discuss Exceptional Friendship you, off-topicers! And stop minusing me, that hurts!For me a compliment to a lil’ cute (and how else would you call it?!) albino is being polite! And sending a gift is being nice. To you apparently the first is offensive and the second is creepy. Sad, delicious friends. Funny. But sad.

And I even got an educational letter on my manners. But that was from a mal… a person I respect, so that’s ok.

All in all, I even liked it. I tested how the Unexpected Gift works. And wow! It really works in an unexpected way!
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Rodent? I could have sworn it was a mustelid.

Signed, a noted trainer of weasels [and proud parent of ferrets offline]

Definitely a Mustelid not a rodent. She is a shy and rare Salt Weasel called Moonshine. One of my first companions in the Neath.

My gravest apologies, madam, to you and to Ms. Moonshine, both.

Where does one find a Salt Weasel? The only non-standard weasel I encountered was of araby breed. Fine for a good weasel-fight, but wasn’t especially shy and especially white. (And especially Salt, come to that)

Try drawing cards in Ladybones Road. It’s rare, but assuming you don’t have any of the other Rare card companions you’ll be able to get it eventually.

Do you mean the deck depends on the location? I didn’t know that.

Yep, there are certain cards in the deck that are only drawn in specific locations.

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