Those Dark Eyes

[li][A window into growing madness and obsession, Perhaps not a truly ‘terrible’ story for most, but if you are sensitive, just a slight warning. Meant to entertain or bring up questions, or possible In character quotes if you want to poke into this, Hope you enjoy this.]

[li]&quotTired… so tired, but not, cannot sleep. The cats, they stare, they hiss when he looks upon them. They know things, saw what I saw, sure of this. The Zee, something is not right, I cross your dark tides, see what others do not. My brother has been gone, he went searching, searching for… for… I don’t know anymore, it’s not my brother, he is cold, but grinning. I see the eyes, they’re gone, the zee must have them, less sleep does not… So tired, my mind grows weary. My dreams are haunted, I hear things, see demise… madness, it feels like madness, must be madness, another glass of Wine wont hurt, no my insides hurt, it must be the wine, has to be, maybe Mister Wines can make a mistake, yes, yes… no, no, I do not remember his mistakes, or is he hiding things… no, bad thoughts, bad… the Masters are not… they are… what are they again? I thought I knew, felt I knew, knew I knew… weren’t there more? I heard once there were more, do they take vacation? Another glass… maybe I wont dream this night, should write to Merle, she’s sweet, help me sleep better. Must finish- Wait, someone’s at my door, Who’s there!?&quot

[li][P.S. Not a good writer, but wanted to put down something on a Forum I felt like peopled say ‘Hmm, it’s ok, but…’ about, or enjoy if it is any good or people feel like seeing more, I’ll add on or add more detailed animations for imagery over ‘fill in your imagination’ entirely.]

[Nightmares 7? -Too modest, its very good, very Gothic :applause: ]

It’s a good prologue :) I want to see how the story unfolds.
Besides your character seems to have:

Having Recurring Dreams: Is Someone There? is increasing…

[li][Twelve days, been too long, suppose now I shall post what I can for the next part. These may or may not take a while to update for how busy life can be around the hollidays, even before they begin.]

[li]The hour, late again it would seem, though an hour is relative in our lovely subterranean home. There is said to be quite beautiful treasures the likes the world above has yet to ever see, but in truth, the sunned sea is the true treasure we may never see… thoughts of light and warmth, yes, they comfort for such a time as this. My lucidity is quite non-existent, perhaps changing of an address will help. My writings tend to keep my thoughts focused, but madness creeps at the corners of my mind. I daresay, the madness within me, it even creeps across my eyes at times when the shadows seem the darkest. I am preparing a change of address, perhaps to move up in the world, or simply flee from the dark corners of this wretched place I call home.
[li] &quotLeonard, we are moving a bit closer to the bazaar, are you not the least bit excited for this?&quot
[li]Of course, he is not happy, surely this bat thinks of me as a loud and annoying creature, much like the Khanates from what I hear. Course you see the look, what he wants, but no, no he’s never-
[li]&quotStop biting the B__dy cage, for goodness sake, I paid good for that one!&quot
[li]…anyways… where was I… Gah, forget it, I’ll write another entry when I pack and get Leonard to Stop. Gnawing. On. The Bars… maybe I’ll let him out for a bit first.

[li][Tried to add a more third person feel to it over just a smack of madness scrawled on paper, hopefully it’s still good, again I apologise for taking so long.]