Those d--mned coins...

Hello, dear Fallen Londoners. I have recently found a little inconvenience stopping my advance through the most amazing stories in the bazaar.

You see, I wanna be able to play on the Marvelous, but First City Coins are so rare… And I need seventy seven of them! I’ll never get enough at this rate!

I have heard that they can be given, though. Is some charitative soul willing to give them… Well, willingly to me?

Ah…sorry. I would, but I’m in Polythreme right now. Maybe in a few days.

I can send you a pack of 30 right now. Perhaps someone else will send you some too.

I would be happy to send you a batch if you still need more. I believe there is a thread specifically for this purpose as well.

Is there any other use for them? I’ve got a spare batch.

Selling them only. I never found another use.


I’m selling some for cats… Well, let’s say, trading some for parcels…

Huh, I wondered what the deal was with them… I’d just been giving them away at random frankly. I"ll keep you in mind when I grab some more, squeaky wheel gets the grease and all that! Love your avatar by the way. If anyone is feeling generous my wounds are getting a little out of hand, ahem ;)

I didn’t want to create a new topic, but would anyone be willing to give them to me as well? I’ve been stuck on this particular step for a while and I still need 26 coins! That damned monkey…[li]

I can do that!

EDIT: Curses, apparently I can’t! I’ve added you, but it won’t let me pick you on the list.
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edited by Playersideblog on 7/13/2013

That’s odd. In any case, I’ve added you to my contacts list as well? Maybe that will change something?

Well that’s strange…I was going to send you some too, but for some reason you’re not showing up on my friends list either[/li][li]

Esoteric, try change your Storynexus name - it could be bugged, I guess… There were some issues with that before, at least.

I’m back in London, if anyone still needs coins.

I would appreciate them very much, I’ve been trying to get them but I keep failing…