This game is going to rule my life...

I’ve been playing the beta for hours, died loads of times, and generally had a blast. I’m about to load again now. But I just wanted to say that I think it’s going to be fantastic when it’s done! I love, love, love the moody atmosphere. The only issue I have with the game, beside the obvious bugs and things that people have already noted, is that now I’m never going to get anything done in the rest of my life.[li]

As to bugs:
I’m glad that the team knows about the &quotdock and loose your fuel&quot problem. That’s really slowing things down for me, and makes we want to stay away from port … which only make the crew more hungry and eventually gets me killed.

I really like that you can preserve something after dying, but what if you could save all of the officers, instead of just one? Or all of you skills? I know I died and all, but this is the FL universe. Dying isn’t such a blow to one’s carrier as it usually is. Just a thought.

Also, not sure what is happening, but the crabs just east of London seem to vanish every time I die. When I close the program and re-load, they appear again. Is anyone else noticing that?

Ok! Going out to zea again. Wish me luck!

I think the crab problem has definitely been noted. They’re trying to troubleshoot it. (If you have reports, don’t forget to send them to the address in your beta e-mail!)

With the fuel, I’ve just gotten very careful with pre-planning my trips. So long as I do things right, I can stock up and have a lot of stuff to zail with and be okay, even with all my docking. (Basically, I figure out how many ports I expect to stop at, then make sure I have at least that much fuel, maybe one or two more.)

It’s a horrid timey wimey gamey thing. I could have sworn that I spent 30 minutes checking the game out, but when I looked at the clock it was 2 1/2 hours. Very disconcerting.