This doesn't strike me as a "Fortunate" Result...

I just attempted a Mourning Candle conversion… and got this result…

A Rare Volubility
‘Ah, Excellent. The Mourning Candles are necessary at this phase for certain components of the bo… the device to work correctly. Yes, the whole of the Neath will be quite surprised to see how far neoluminology has come. Well, perhaps they won’t see exactly…’

Along with the status messages:
You were fortunate!
You’ve lost 25 Mourning Candles
You’ve gained 5 Patent Scruitinizer
Connected Revolutionaries has dropped to 31

This doesn’t strike me as a fortunate result, considering the usual fortunate result is the above plus 4 Incendiary Gossip. Am I missing something, or what?

That’s not the usual flavour text, is it? I would consider that little tid-bit to be quite the fortunate result.

I suppose for the more academic and refined sort of Fallen Londoner, such information about the activities of the Radical Factorum is a reward indeed. But for the more… materially minded person, it does seem to be a little lacking.
I suppose an early inference from this text would be that the Factorum are building a device, an explosive one at that. But I feel that this device is not suppose to explode in a physical sense, rather a mental one. And rather than targeting the solid foundations of the Bazaar, it will target the soft, fleshy foundation that the Bazaar is built on, namely the unthinking allegiance that the common Londoner has to the Bazaar.
Another one could be that “Neoluminology” ~ The Knowledge of New Light? ~ could be an attempt to replace the one thing that has been taken from all of us: The Sun. Certainly would strike a hammer blow to the monopoly of Mr Fires. This would conflate with the Factorum’s previous focus on collecting Memories of Light.

There was a missing reward from that storylet. I’ve added it in - sorry about that.