Things to do before solving Jack of Smiles case?

Currently, I’m in Polythreme investigating the case, but I remembered I never managed to become an annoyance to Jack of Smiles or collect that many leathery hearts by hunting him. Is it important or worthwhile to do any of that? Are those options going to get closed off to me? Is there anything else worth doing first?

Also, does anyone recommend pursuing the fate locked option to both stop Jack and uncover the truth? Otherwise I may just investigate what’s going on. Ending Jack is tempting, but I really want to get to the bottom of this.
edited by Harlocke on 5/11/2016

The fate locked option is basically just lets you play through both other endings. Or that’s the impression I got from doing it, anyway.

Ending Jack will lock the options you’re talking about, and small number of other things. Uncovering the truth won’t. There’s nothing terribly important in any of those options- though it’s probably worth noting that there aren’t any other ways of getting leathery hearts, so it also locks the storylet to trade them in at the university, if you’re curious about that.[li]
edited by Gilphon on 5/11/2016

The Fate-locked option will include the consequences of both endings as well; there is also a small quirk with it that leads me to advise you “if you have any other business in Polythreme, do it before paying the Fate”.

Hm, I don’t want to close off any options yet. I suppose I’ll just investigate then.

You can pay fate to replay the whole story after it’s over, correct? Maybe I’ll do it again to end Jack after I explore all the options.

Yep, you can reset the storyline for 20 Fate via an option in your Lodgings.

If you want to collect everything, get a Leathery Heart before doing it. Otherwise, you are not locking away anything unique. Although you may be locking some useful Annoyance options on several cards, including one that pays out Criminal Favors.

That quirk is actually in the description of the storylet, so I think it is okay to just say it: choosing that option will INSTANTANEOUSLY warp you back to Fallen London.

I don’t really understand why it does that instead of, say, kicking you to the Sea of Voices instead.