Things that can only be done at low levels

Hello everyone.

I began playing this game some weeks ago, and I’m loving it! Right now I’m steadily progressing trough the prePOSI part of the game while increasing my attributes. So I wondered if there are any stories that I should focus on playing before I am stat capped out of them. I’m specially looking for living stories, acquaintances and the like (maybe some opportunity card has item rewards?). Not particularly interested in repeteable stories unless you more experienced players think otherwise.

Any suggestion welcome!

PS: I’m interested in becoming an exceptional friend. Due to personal preference I don’t have a credit card (not underage, so no problem there). I could set up a PayPal account but I was wondering if there is any other payment method, like Paysafecard that I use on Steam.

I think that the Curate and his sister, one of the few ways to raise Hedonist over 10, can only be started at low levels.

Welcome! There is a great amount of content at the early levels! One things nice about the Making Your Name trackers is the fact it’s harder to miss interesting stories.

As a Sherlock Holmes fan, working with the Honey Addled detective was great. That’s the start of the Watchful tracker. Also, definitely do check in at your lodgings for the sequences on Find New Stories storylet.

Concerning other forms of payment, if you click on the PayPal logo when the credit card form pops up you can login to your account.