Things returning soon

I don’t know where to put THIS speculation. I wanted to ask when ANYTHING that was put away and should return ‘soon’ will return? In two years?We keep waiting for knife and candle, we ait for the option to marry another player, probably more things I forgot… which, in case of marrying were first overworked, more options added and then, I think removed due to the app. Do you think they ever will return? I mean, I won’t stop playing FL due to their lack, but I wait for them for months.[li]

If you look at the thread in my signature, that’s generally a fairly comprehensive list of things we are waiting for. If you actually read through the latter part of the thread you’ll see that a number of things that had been on the list have been removed. So, yes, things that should return &quotsoon&quot sometimes do return (even if not necessarily &quotsoon&quot).

Specifically in the case of the two things you mentioned, both are social actions and it is the social actions that do not play well with the mobile app. They will return when that aspect of the app is fixed. Obviously none of us know when that will happen as none of us are privy to the technical issues at hand. But there is nothing to suggest that they’ve been forgotten or abandoned.

Technical issues aside, two things to bear in mind. 1) Last time, marriage/divorce returned during the Feast of the Rose. So there is some (but not too much) reason to look for it then. 2) Knife-and-Candle was removed very recently (relatively speaking) and K&C generally is released in &quotseasons&quot so I wouldn’t expect it to return too soon.