Things broken by Renown

After looking into the Tomb Colonist’s Dogs and seeing that a card only accessible with Dangerous 81-118 now requires Tomb Colonist Renown 15. Which judging by how long it’s taken to get to 10 right now as a POSI suggests to me that almost no one will ever see that again without lots of shenanigans being required to just to potentially see the card. So this got me thinking, are there any other cards and options now that require renown levels that is out of whack with when the action is available?

A Merry Sort of Crime requires Renown: Criminals 20

Yes, but both “A Merry Sort of Crime” and “Trouble Up the Belfry” are generally accessible, once you raised your Renown high enough.

I think that what maleclypse asked was about actions with other requirements besides Renown, such that they are unlikely to be accessible to anyone.

“The Tomb-Colonist’s Dogs” requires both a high level of Renown, and a middle level of Dangerous, making it unlikely for most players to meet both requirements.

Actually I’m quite certain he was concerned about the renown, since he did mention how 10 Renown was quite the grind.

But 25 Rubbery Renown, though. That is quite the requirement. Is it worth it for that little stat bonus or at least for bragging rights?

It’s the best Persuasive companion available without fate. Likewise the Renown: Rubbery Men 40 item is the best Persuasive weapon outside of professions, though it does require fate.

Renown gain also increases in speed significantly after reaching 15 renown, as the faction item options unlocked with 15+ give substantially more CP per favour.
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Hmm… It is not much, but there is an option at the Empress’ Court that requires Tomb Colonist 4 to use. You can get locked out of it if you finish the Court too soon.

“A Matter of Business” (rubbery action) locks at Persuasive 118 and requires renown 10. It will presumably be playable for people who start afresh with renown and build it alongside their stats. But anyone whose levels of rubbery connections were converted will have problems without the use of rats.

Could you please message me which one that is? I’m thinking of getting kicked out of the Court soon, and I don’t recall the option.

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Personally I think nature is the best one

Pretty sure that’s the only one that’s properly broken. All the others are restricted, and at worst, not worth it, but still not broken. Besides conversion trees, i guess.
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I can see the potential problem, but I would point out that favours are easily obtainable from day one, and there is not much to do with Tomb Colonist favours aside from dangerous training until much later in the game. And considering how long it takes to level stats in that 80-100 range, it’s feasible that even a completely uninformed player might see the card at Dangerous 81 and grind up their renown before they hit Dangerous 118.

Really, though, I would argue the problem here is not the renown requirement, but that the card is still unlocked by a stat range and not a certain value of “A Name Scrawled in Blood.”

Reknown 4 is obtainable at the Carnival, which is freely available, so that really shouldn’t be a problem.

Of course, with Seeking now back in the game, it’s quite possible for people with high levels of renown to end up with very low stats. At least until they find a part of Seeking that tanks Renown…

Always was. just now it’s possible to do accidentally.