Theory: The Avid Horizon is Heaven (spoilers)

Perhaps, although I think the ‘shapely disgrace’ refers to the denizens of Axile, with their shapeling arts.

The only description I’ve found of a Judgement directly was of an egg hatching: &quota shining shape of many limbs, crowned with law and masked with light, a seed-fragment of a greater whole.&quot

I was unseriously implying the Axiles were angels. Is it poetic to think of them sloping around our city, dodging stones? Or only melodramatic?
edited by TheThirdPolice on 2/9/2016

Would that make my Rubbery Euphonium a holy trumpet?

Hm. Also, now thinking of an angel going around playing a squeezebox extremely badly.
edited by Alexander Feld on 2/9/2016

Are winged supernatural beings who work for angels themselves angels? I mean, canonically, there’s a hierarchy of angels, right?[/quote]

Judgements also work for other Judgements at times so who knows.[/quote]

I didn’t think about that, but you both are right, angels could work for other angels, since Judgements do the same. What makes me think of Judgments as gods rather than angels is their ability to create and control laws.

But then, I remember that in The Apocalypse by Saint Jean, it is said that &quotHis tail swept away one-third of the stars in the sky&quot (speaking about the dragon), where this sentence is usually seen as one third of the angels following Lucifer in his fall.
And some angels descriptions match the Judgements : the Seraphims for one, as Alexander Feld said. The very name &quotSeraphim&quot comes from a verb meaning &quotto burn&quot. The Archangels, whose name comes from &quotarkhè&quot (&quotthe beginning&quot as well as &quotcommandment&quot) and &quotángelos&quot (&quotmessenger&quot). And the Powers, or Authorities : &quotthey oppose evil spirits, especially those that make use of the matter in the universe, so they don’t do as much harm in the world as would otherwise, usually casting and chaining evil spirits to detention places&quot and &quotThe primary duty of the &quotPowers&quot is to supervise the movements of the heavenly bodies in order to ensure that the cosmos remains in order&quot.

After reading that, I began to think that Judgements share a lot of characteristics fom biblical angels.