The Wry Functionary's Past

[color=#C2B280]If you offended the Wry Functionary while asking about his past, it used to be impossible to reach the end of that content. There is now a short sequence of storylets which will allow you, if you wish, to make amends. To begin, play the Apologies to the Functionary storylet which is currently available throughout London.

Some players who offended him subsequently used Nex to reset their progress on that story. We’ve credited each of them with the seven Nex spent.

We’ll be Fate-locking all the extended Wry Functionary content in the new year, so if you haven’t played it yet, this may be a good time.[/color]

I suppose this doesn’t include any offence incurred at failing to defend his well-being? He seemed rather unhappy upon his return to London.

Not sure if I missed something, but does this story actually end? Not to spoil something…
I now have Acquainted with the Functionary’s past 9 and unsure about the last choice. That was kind of unclear if there was a possibility of leaving this quest just for now and now I just can’t find any clues of what to do next.

What did I miss?

I also got to Acquainted with the Functionary’s Past 9 (by choosing “Read and Understand”) – is that the end?

[After consideration, that part was considered spoiler-y a bit]. I’ve just read. So it seems that was of no difference. That’s sad a little.

Maybe some living stories shall begin after that point? That would seem logical, as for me.
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If it starts to cost ‘soon’, then I’d like to know how close I am to being able to start it?

The bit with the Mother isn’t the end - look out for A Visit. You still have more to do with the Wry Functionary.

@Ben - I think you need Wry Functionary 5 to start it.

I am trying to work my way through the Functionary content, but card-based storylines are very frustrating to follow.

I personally found the whole thing to be rather labyrinthine and … frankly bureaucratic. I echo the card-based awkwardness. Certain options loop back, changing the topic of conversation, which can lead to endless ‘free’ actions being spent (actually some unseen tally of free actions seems to be counting down) doing a strange conversational figure-of-eight dance that can quickly begin to feel meta and grindy. But that could just be my own shortcomings in seeking to exhaust and maximise lines of inquiry.

I’m honestly not sure if I’ve completed certain topics of conversation or if I’m just missing qualities while inside them.

A lovely experiment, though. Perhaps if the content was less satirical governance and more delicious lore focussed?

Just some thoughts. :)

Oh wow, a refund of Nex. Unexpected but nice.

I did not have a problem navigating the content. It’s not a particularly deep labyrinth, and is actually kind of fun figuring out which branch changes which quality and unlocks what. But I agree it feels more like disassembling a machine than engaging in a conversation. I guess the engine is just not suitable for dialogue trees.

For me the problem is since everything is dependent upon a card and drawing it can take time the content feels disconnected. I could not draw “A Visit” for a month and during that time I partly forgot the story and was thinking I am more or less finished with it, only to find new branches when I drew the card again. It does not help that this is the only unfinished story I had in the game. I do not play much now, since there is nothing to do but grind, ergo I do not shuffle the cards often, ergo it takes even more time to draw the card and finish the story.

Very good point about the slow draw potential, and consequentially forgetting where you were.
Perhaps if, after our first unlocking it in the Visit card, it then became a part of our Lodgings as a semi-permanent fixture, we might remedy that pitfall.
Or perhaps they might offer a &quotPreviously…&quot mechanic, like with the Ambition in our profiles, that could also help a lot. The journals we keep can quickly become swamped with pages of other content, recorded dreams and the like, so having the Ambition’s reminder is fantastic.

It does need to be said though that I am glad of any new content, and new blood on the writing team is very cool. Excited to see what’s next.

Now I have

Assisting in an Audit 7 - Lost a colleague of the Wry Functionary
Acquainted with the Functionary’s Past 15

Can anyone please tell me whether I’m finished or not? I’m currently trying to get good term with a certain forger, and since the visit card is scarce, I’d hate to waste a perfect good card for no new stuff.

[quote=zbr308]Now I have

Assisting in an Audit 7 - Lost a colleague of the Wry Functionary
Acquainted with the Functionary’s Past 15

Can anyone please tell me whether I’m finished or not? I’m currently trying to get good term with a certain forger, and since the visit card is scarce, I’d hate to waste a perfect good card for no new stuff.[/quote]

That’s exactly where I am too, and when I go into the Functionary’s new Storylet, all that seems to happen is I am talking myself in grindy circles, changing the topic of conversation for the sake of changing it. Very rarely, the Airs of London changes what the Functionary says when you ask him about his latest work. But to my mind it seems to be of very little consequence other than giving you the impression that the Admiralty and London’s politicians are enjoying a good old game of budgetary exploitations and paperwork.

I feel no sense of closure, other than what I learned about the Functionary’s mother and her cloaked visitor. That was an exciting moment, I must admit. But other than that, I feel like I’m playing a &quotBureaucracy Simulator&quot :)
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From what I’ve spied in the journals of others, it’s possible to take quite an active part in the matter with the audit, but perhaps that is merely one of multiple ways for the story to proceed? So I guess it isn’t safe to say that there is more if you haven’t reached that part, since you may have made a choice that doesn’t lead to such a conclusion.

From my own experience, it does not.

I have to say, as someone who was unhappy about the WF storyline handling before, this is pretty awesome and pretty classy.

Wait!! How does the fate locking work? I’m trying to grind some quirks to choose one of the more interesting options on the Wry Functionary’s own card, and I’ve only got A Visit a grand total of 2 times (I didn’t play FL much for othe past couple months, but still) since I unlocked that storyline

So after the initial assistance with his audit and the chat with him and his mom and then him again, has anyone found more to this story?

Odd question: can you grind Wry Functionary acquaintance by corresponding with him a bunch with the veilgarden storylet after you’ve initially unlocked the acquaintance? I want to do this before it’s fate locked, but I’m only at acquaintance: 3 with him.

Well, I’ve had visit twice with enough to go in on now…

First time I flunked out, not enough connection.

Second time I managed 3 subjects, but couldn’t find anything else to unlock.

Looks like… I need something else, eventually… my solution isn’t in this first card, is it?