The Wry Functionary and others

How do you get to meet the Wry Functionary and the other 3 acquaintances? I was supposing that you needed to increase your [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]Getting to Know Cobblestone Rogues and Back-Alley Saints [/color] quality spending Incendiary Gossips at your lodgings, but I have it at 22 and had no success. Is there anything I am missing or do I need to increase even more?
Thanks for your help


The Wry Functionary is a rare success on a story in Veilgarden. I think there is a chance to meet him in the Palace as well.
You meet the Repentant Forger in New Newgate.
The Regretful Soldier turns up on an Opportunity card in Watchmaker’s Hill.
You can first meet The Sardonic Music Hall Singer while undergoing a case with the honey-addled detective. If you don’t meet her then I think you have to wait for a high persuasive card.

You need to get a rare success on either the &quotCorrespond with a contact at the Shuttered Palace&quot storylet in Veligarden or the &quotCards with the civil service&quot card. The Veligarden option is preferable.
As for the others: The Forger is locked in New Newgate, so you’ll have to look for him there until you get a relevant card. The soldier is in Watchmakers’ Hill, but his card will only show up if you have Dangerous 45 or more, and the Singer can only be found through one of the Ambitions or through a card when your Persuasive reaches 105.
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Well you have some slightly different and more detailed answers. Didn’t know about the Ambition for the Singer. I’m sure I met her trying to track down the Absconding Devil, I know I didn’t have to wait for the high persuasive option…[li]
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Thanks for your help, guys, I guess I just wasted those Incendiary Gossip…

Yeah, I wasted 10 x Incendiary Gossip for the same reason. Then I lost all that [color=#ffffff]Getting to Know Cobblestone Rogues and Back-Alley Saints[/color] doing the spirifier and the pianist story. I had forgotten that that story ate points like that, which was easy to do since it basically sent me out to get more of those points, which of course distracted me from the story that was supposed to use those points. For a long time I didn’t even know that those points where supposed to be spent doing a story, so I just wasted a lot of them by letting that quality bump into the limit.

Can anyone confirm that the wry functionary is still found in the Palace? I’ve made his acquaintance (it’s at level 2), but I can’t seem to locate him anywhere.

He’s still there, but to drop in on acquaintances you now have to draw the A Visit opportunity card. The Connections boosts and item gains have been tweaked upwards to compensate.

Ah, excellent. Thank you kindly.