The Wheels of the Law – but I'm not on the squad!

I just got The Wheels of the Law card, and played it, which was supposed to open up a storylet in Ladybones Road. But according to the wikia, that storylet requires that I am on the Velocipede Squad, which I am not. So I couldn’t even see the storylet. And now I got the card again, because it is Frequent, and doesn’t care that I’m not on the squad.

This is making me think that the Velocipede Squad is harassing me until I join them. And therefore I want them dead. Cut up into tiny pieces and sent off to the Elder Continent to be brought back to life, preferably with various parts of them mixed up to create abominations that will only find solace in the Tomb-Colonies. Or they could come back to London, where we’ll do it all over again. Until they learn. ::

Well, a player can dream. A player can dream. (I’m still hoping for social actions to make it possible to hire Murderers to off ‘named’ NPCs in my game.) In the meantime it would be nice if the Velocipede Squad didn’t try to call on unaffiliated civilians who are just minding their own business. Or, if they must, let these civilians get on with the Jack business to a point where the card ceases to appear. You know, like the Dilmun Club! They seem reasonable. They know how it’s done. I don’t wish for them to suffer abroad for the rest of existence.

I’d recommend that you send, rather than creating a new thread about it! That way, your issue will be seen to in a more structured manner.
Good luck!

E: But yeah, maybe it’s just a reminder, more than a bug.
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Huh, I got that card once but accidently discarded it. I have been looking for it ever since but never found it. Can it only be picked up in Ladybones Road?

No, I got it in The Flit. Those Velocipedes go right up the walls of houses, you know. Requires Watchful and Dangerous 130, and that’s it. According to the wikia I also need less than 1 in ‘The Jack-of-Smiles Case’, but that is not shown on the card I have on my hand now.