The Western Tower Card

Hello All!
In reference to the &quotThe Western Tower: a Guest Room at the Brass Embassy&quot Opportunity Card, are you meant to be able to keep on &quotThrow(ing) another soul on the fire&quot repeatedly without losing this card? This appears to be an easy (if 50% chance per action) way to exchange regular Souls to Brilliant Souls.
Is this a current bug or a seasonal feature?
– Thanks!

That’s a seasonal feature, I believe.

Seasonal feature - it helps people from accidentally selling their soul at Sackmas as normally the top action on that card gives scraps.

Ah; maybe I should say that the card (and its options) does not disappear after throwing the first soul on the fire - the card stays in my list of opportunities.

It still costs an action, so it’s not really worth much.

Brilliant souls are worth 50p, souls are worth 2p, so each action only earns you 48p. It’s only useful if you need brilliant souls and don’t want to steal them.