The Wars of Illusion and the Theosophisticals

As is my wont, once I’ve made my choices I had a look at the wiki to see what else I could have picked.

I discovered that instead of getting entangled on any one side, I could have gotten my seeking up, and flipped cards for… some unknown amount of time (as card frequency is one of the unknowns) to run a series of bronze cards.

It looks like almost nobody has.

A few of the cards have success info, most are missing failure info.

Thus I turn to the forums.

I won’t call this taking a third option, as the third option is already &quotboth sides&quot but it is an unknown, (well, nearly unknown) path.

I ask you, what’s on the path of the Theosophistical in the wars of illusion?

It’s not a path, it’s just a set of cards that don’t lead anywhere. There’s kind of a conclusion, but it doesn’t give you any unique qualities - it’s all just Seeking.

A “might have been” perhaps?

I’m not sure. I’m hoping that at some point the cards will be revisted so they aren’t so easily missed. If it does other things that’s also pretty cool, but it’s a shame there’s a bunch of cards located in such a tiny window. If you’re seriously pursuing the Wars of Illusion you could miss out on all of them.

I used to have Seeking… 9 so that I could draw the top card and get a 160 pence reward (which I didn’t bother doing very often), but then one time I was half asleep and accidentally clicked on the Flit option that cashed in Seeking… instead of Investigating… and that was that.