The Wandering Mirage

While recently spending entirely too much time at the Pavilion where reality was entirely too thin, I was reminded of this sidebar snippet, which has intrigued me ever since I started playing Fallen London years ago:

[quote=]The Wandering Mirage.
Nasty, shimmering patches of air float along the streets in the false summers of the Neath. Strange lights sometimes dance in attendance. Far-off places can be glimpsed. Don’t walk through these. There are worse places than Fallen London.
(Mind your step!)[/quote]
Has the Wandering Mirage ever appeared in any in-game story, Exceptional or otherwise? Nothing comes to mind.

And what is the Mirage? Parabola? The Far Shore? Distant places in the Neath, perhaps the Iron Republic? Or something completely different? And why does it only appear during the False-summers?

Any ideas?

I would venture that it was an idea that was abandoned at some point. If it’s anything it’s gotta be Parabola.

It seems to me like reflections of far places created in the same way as mirages. And reflections in the neath can act as portals, hence the danger.
But it could also be the seed of an idea left untouched, so maybe one day!

The Wandering Mirage, or vague, dream/like recollections of MAYBE having stumbled through such - make a fine nebulous “what-if” retcon of any calendric gaps in my Journal showing a span betwixt active engagements - (especially if not safely in Lodgings, for the gap) – A narrative-continuity bridge ((that goes well with my usual presumption of alternate insomnia & sleepwalking episodes)) … as i’ve so Journalled, now and then.
. . . Bit snooze-due at the mo’, in fact - bad time to compose thought in a two-line x 55 character window, heh … Anywise - i’d always hoped the Wandering Mirages would prove a tangible lore, yet. Fingers Crossed.